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Stephen Komie - Candidate for ISBA 3rd Vice President

Stephen Komie's Supporters

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Alan A. Ackerman Cook County
Robert O. Ackley Lake County
Hall Adams, III Cook County
Sam L. Amirante Cook County
Adam Augustynski Cook County
Jeffrey A. Albert Cook County
Eric J. Anderson Cook County
Jonathan G. Anderson Cook County
Thomas F. Arends Cook County
Julio C. Argueta Lake County
Adam Augustynski Cook County
William W. Austin Effingham County
Alexander Baker St. Clair County
Michael D. Baker Cook County
John Baricevic St. Clair County
Margaret P. Battersby Cook County
George Bellas Cook County
George P. Berbas Cook and DuPage Counties
Daniel J. Biederman, Jr. Cook County
Deanna R. Blair Cook County
Stephan D. Blandin Cook County
Dragos B. Boscoianu Cook County
Juliet Boyd Cook County
Sean D. Brady Will County
Thomas A. Bruno Champaign County
Elizabeth Butler Cook County
Samuel F. Cannizzaro Cook County
Jack Carey St. Clair County
Thomas A. Carton Cook County
Victor Ciardelli Cook County
William G. Clark Cook County
William G. Clark, Jr. Cook County
Karen Conti Cook County
Hon. John Curry Cook County
Anthony D’Agostino Cook County
Stephen Daday Cook County
John W. Damisch Cook County
Champ W. Davis, Jr. Cook County
Larry A. Davis Lake County
Teresa Dettloff DuPage County
Michael J. Dickman Cook County
Charles W. Dobra DuPage and Kane Counties
Richard Doermer Cook County
Brion W. Doherty Cook County
Patrick T. Driscoll, Jr. Cook County
Joseph W. Dunn Tazewell County
Wallace B. Dunn Lake County
Patrick E. Dwyer, III Cook County
Annette A. Eckert St. Clair County
Terry A. Ekl DuPage County
Karen Enright Cook County
Alex J. Fawell DuPage County
John M. Fitzgerald Cook County
Abigail M. Fleming Peoria County
Brian Flynn St. Clair County
Edward J. Flynn, II DuPage County
Greg D. Fombelle Macon County
Joseph M. Gagliardo Cook County
Kathy Gallanis Cook County
Louis E. Gasperec Cook County
Paul E. Gaziano Winnebago County
Michael Gesas Cook County
Samantha Gigac Cook County
Jesse Gonzalez Cook County
Randolph M. Gordon Grundy County
Neil F. Hartigan Cook County
Kendall D. Hartsfield DuPage County
Michael E. Hastings Will County
David Herbes Cook County
Patrick J. Herrmann Bureau and LaSalle Counties
David J. Heyer, Jr. Cook County
K. Andrew Hoerner St. Clair County
Kevin T. Hoerner St. Clair County
T. Adam Hoerner St. Clair County
William E. Holdridge Fulton County
John Hopkins Madison County
Thomas E. Howard Peoria County
Timothy J. Howard Peoria County
Ebony R. Huddleston Madison County
Matthew R. Huff Will County
Michael A. Hume Cook County
Shirley A. Irwin Cook County
Jeffrey M. Jacobson DuPage County
Edward J. Jarot, Jr. Will County
Harold M. Jennings McLean County
Elizabeth L. Jensen Peoria County
Lindsay M. Jurgensen DuPage County
Mark L. Karno Cook County
James J. Kash Cook County
Brendan F. Kelly St. Clair County
James P. Kelly McHenry County
Kevin M. Kelly Cook County
Ara Kernan St. Clair County
Omar F. Khan DuPage County
Matthew A. Kirsh Cook County
Candice L. Kline Cook County
Rob L. Kohen Cook County
Larry S. Kowalczyk Cook County
L. Dominic Kujawa, Jr. St. Clair County
Fred S. Lane Cook County
James J. Laraia DuPage County
Joseph M. Laraia DuPage County
Diana M. Law Kane County
Antonio Lee Cook County
Sarah LeRose Cook County
Lori G. Levin Cook County
Ronald L. Lewis McLean County
George G. Leynaud LaSalle County
Kevin C. Lichtenberg Cook County
Kurt D. Lloyd Cook County
William Loeffel Peoria County
Timothy J. Mahoney DuPage County
Joseph R. Marconi Cook County
George E. Marifian St. Clair County
Robert G. Markoff Cook County
Christopher W. Matern Cook County
Lewis F. Matuszewich McHenry County
Conor P. McCarthy DuPage County
Michael P. McCuskey Peoria County
Michael McGlynn St. Clair County
Thomas F. McGuire Cook County
Heather A. McPherson Stephenson County
Michael A. Mellott Whiteside and Lee Counties
Ronald Menna DuPage County
Ronald D. Menna, Jr. Cook County
Michael H. Minton Cook County
Enrico J. Mirabelli Cook County
Justino L. Mirabelli Cook County
Kenneth B. Moll Cook County
Joseph T. Monahan Cook County
Wendy R. Morgan Cook and Lake Counties
James J. Morici, Jr. Cook County
Thomas Mulroy Cook County
Ashley M. Murray Cook County
Jane E. Nagle DuPage County
Gerald Napleton Cook County
Faraz Nayyar DuPage County
David C. Nelson St. Clair County
Dina M. Ninfo Cook County
Kevin Nolan Champaign County
Jonathan D. Nye Lake and McHenry Counties
Thomas E. O'Brien Will County
John J. O’Gara, Jr. St. Clair County
Thomas W. O’Neal Peoria County
Michael W. Olewinski Grundy County
Lynne R. Ostfeld Cook County
Nickolas G. Pappas Cook County
Frank Pellegrini Cook County
Nicholas Peluso Cook County
Floyd DeWitt Perkins Cook County
Stacia E. Peterson Cook County
Jonathan Phillips Peoria County
Cathy Ann Pilkington Cook County
Scott E. Pointner DuPage County
Michael C. Poper McHenry County
William J. Quinlan Cook County
Donald J. Ramsell DuPage County
Shari R. Rhode Jackson County
Ashonta C. Rice Cook County
Michelle M. Rich St. Clair County
Jeremy Richey Moultrie County
Michone Riewer Lake County
James G. Riley Cook County
George Ripplinger St. Clair County
Robert P. Ritacca Lake County
Tracy M. Rizzo Cook County
Antonio M. Romanucci Cook County
Mark A. Rouleau Winnebago County
Richard Roustio St. Clair County
Patrick A. Salvi Cook and Lake Counties
Kevin H. Saville Cook County
David N. Schaffer DuPage County
Evan Schanerberger Cook County
David Schlueter DuPage County
William G. Schur Cook County
Michael J. Scotti, III Cook County
James A. Shapiro Cook County
Athanasios S. Sianis Cook County
Judie Lynn Smith Cook County
Hon. Ronald Spears Christian County
Denise Y. Staniec Cook County
Mark J. Stauber DuPage County
Natalie Stec DuPage County
Lawrence A. Stein Cook County
John P. Stock, III DuPage County
Christine Svenson Cook County
Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. Cook County
Erica Szewczyk St. Clair County
Bruno W. Tabis, Jr. DuPage County
James P. Tatooles Cook County
DeAndre Tillman Cook County
Sarah Toney Cook County
Karie Valentino Cook County
Brick Van Der Snick Kane, DeKalb and DuPage Counties
Carlos A. Vera Cook County
John C. Voorn Cook County
Nancy S. Waites Lake County
Carl A. Walker Cook County
Nichole M. Waltz Cook County
Douglas B. Warlick Geneva and Kane Counties
Edward Washington, II Cook County
Linda Watson Peoria County
David A. Weder Madison County
Saul R. Wexler Cook County
Milton S. Wharton St. Clair County
David J. Winthers DuPage County
D. Peter Wise Springfield
Mark E. Wojcik Cook County
Marc D. Wolfe DuPage County
Mark K. Wykoff, Sr. Sangamon County
Albert L. Wysocki Lake County
David B. Yavitz Cook County
Adam Zebelian Cook County
Douglas E. Zeit Lake and Cook Counties
Joseph D. Zeit Lake and Cook Counties
David A. Zulkey Cook County
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